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Written by Patrick Beaumont (14/Apr/04)
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Supplied By: QuietPC

I like computers, they allow me to do lots of things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do. What I dislike about computers is the baggage associated with them. I'm talking about large CRT monitors, miles of cables and noise. Oh the noise, how it drives me mad. I can think of very few things more annoying than trying to leave a download going over night and to be kept awake by the incessant whining of the computer.

This is where the Acoustifan comes in. It features infinitely variable temperature control, via a thermistor. The fan comes from Quiet PC and is packaged well. The box contains:

  • 80mm clear plastic fan, with a 3 pin power connector, and a thermistor on a lead.
  • A set of rubber washers and screws to attach the fan to a case.
  • A resistor to reduce the voltage to the fan (and therefore make it quieter).

The specifications are as follows..

Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 25mm
Power consumption: 1.44 Watts
Airflow: 15.6 - 25.4 CFM (cubic feet per minutes)
Noise level: 14.2 - 21.0 dBA
Connector wire length: 46 cm

I was immediately puzzled by the lack of instructions with the fan. I assumed that if it were temperature controlled, it would have some documents detailing what speeds the fan spins at what temperatures. Since none were in the box I went researching on the net. A quick bit of googling on the word "acoustifan" and I found the technical specifications of the fan on this page detailing the RPM to temperature relationship.

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