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Direct Die Watercooling (Part 1)
Written by Dr. Surlyjoe (Unknown)
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I believe in extreme. This is why I am always cookin up crazy ass schemes to get a few more frags per dollar out of the old gaming slut. While peltiers are a kick ass invention, and surly likes to freeze those little chippies, I believe this is best done in the home (as cooking your rig at a lan party hardly conveys that "Velvet Jones" image I've worked so hard to obtain). So when I couldn't get my celly2 533 cB0 to hit 100 FSB at the stock voltage with conventional water cooling, I decided to rip off a guy that had glued some copper fittings directly to the plate of a celeron PPGA. I hadn't seen anyone submerge a flip chip, but I figured - why not?

I got the 1 1/2" acrylic cube at TAP plastics and drilled a hole bigger than the diagonal dimension of the slug. Some smaller holes were tapped out for the in/out fittings. I knew the FC-PGA slug was water tight, but being a chicken shit at heart I put a thin film of epoxy over the area that would make contact with the water to insulate it. Then I sanded both surfaces with 400 (I was liking pussy gentle when I did the chip ;).

To stick em together, I used my favorite silicone type adhesive "MARINE GOOP" (I don't think it's actually silicone, but it kicks ass!!). I only used a thin layer as I didn't want to gob up the slug with excess. Both being clear it was easy to see a good seal on the cube.



Well, here she is and 100 FSB is no prob! Before I was running one of our "beehive coolers" (thank joe at overclockers for that name) and it would run at 800 (but wasn't perfect). Now it runs 8-10f cooler with this setup and I can't do anything to piss it off.



Dr. SurlyJoe

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