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Enermax CS527 Case
Written by Spode (04/Jan/05)
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Supplied By: Coolergiant

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Enermax are a name usually associated with quality power supplies. After looking at this case, we would expect it will not be long before they are also associated with quality cases.

From the outside, the case has a sleek black look thanks to incredibly shiny paint that covers both the metal and plastic parts. So shiny, that even the shots Enermax supplied had reflections of other objects in. This does however, iterate exactly how shiny it is!

The blanking plates are also in the same shiny black, with silver trim to separate each device. However, unlike a traditional blanking plate that just pops out, all 4 plates are held together in a collapsible mechanism much like a Venetian blind. This can either be left down with the drives permanently accessible or used as a way of hiding your ugly beige devices. A similar system is used to cover up the front USB, firewire and audio ports as well as the floppy drive. Both mechanisms are super smooth and you can't help but want to play with them.

Just below this are the power and reset buttons with a more traditional green/yellow LED combination, steering clear of the rather cliche blue LEDs.

As you can see above, the case comes pre modified with a window fitted in the side panel. In the center is a rather generic 80mm fan with a gold grille. Considering the chrome theme on the blanking plates, a chrome grille might have been more apropriate.

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