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AGP/PCI-E Graphics Card Group Test (13)
Written by Peter Barnard (07/Mar/05)
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In this article we have a baker's dozen of graphics cards on test, covering both AGP and PCI-E, from the elderly Radeon 9800 PRO to the brand spanking new Radeon X850 XT PE.

If you like your computer games, the graphics card is quite possibly the most important component in your system and naturally one of the hardest decisions to make when upgrading or building a new machine. Inferior processor, motherboard and memory sub-systems may throw a 30% performance swing into the equation. This means that saving money by buying cheaper equipment, and investing the money into a better graphics card can often give much better overall performance for your money.

By covering the complete range of cards from the oldest and cheapest mid range models that can still keep pace with the latest games, up to the very latest high end cards, we hope to give a useful perspective on the issues of relative performance and value for money.

The cards below are split into AGP/PCI-E to save you time. They are also ordered by their 3D Mark score. Testing is explained on page 2. Although benchmarks and specifications are given on each page, there is a summary of these on page 16 and 17. An asterisk below denotes an award worthy card.


PCI Express

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