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Mercury 6200W 5.1 Speakers
Written by Richard Williams (28/Dec/04)
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Supplied By: Kobian

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The HT6200 Speakers from Mercury are a 5.1 surround sound setup designed primarily for use with a computer.

The finish is a striking, yet verging on tacky wood finish which feels quite like cheap chipboard furniture. This is a bit of a change from the usual beige PC components, and might be more suited to a bedroom environment. The buttons on the front are machined metal giving it the sort of look you might find on an old 1960's Hi-Fi.

The set contains four satellite speakers, two for the front, two for the rear and one center speaker containing two of the same speakers found in the satellites. They are all magnetically shielded to prevent interference with other computer components.

As with most satellite systems, the satellites are meant to do the mid-range and hi-end and the sub-woofer contributes with the low end. Also like most satellite speakers, the mid-range is lacking and this leaves a dominant high frequency which makes any song sound tinny. This has the annoying effect similar to taking a small drill to your eardrums. The front speakers and the center speaker have just over one and a half meters of wire connected with phono ends, and the rear speakers have 6 meters of wire.

The power of these speakers is confusing. The packaging boasts a combined total of 6200W, and also claims 15W per channel and 25W for the sub-woofer. As is usual with cheap speakers, the 6200w figure is a highly theoretical peak figure, which is as near to an outright lie as truth in advertising laws will allow. On opening up the speakers we find they are in fact 8W, which corresponds with the information on their website. The packaging also states 25W for the sub-woofer, while their website states 50W. The figure itself is largely irrelevant because as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

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