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Intel Tumwater / Nocona (EM64T) Platform
Written by Spode (19/Jul/04)
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Supplied By: Boston

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The machine on test today is of great interest, as it encompasses almost all new technologies that are coming on the market as we speak. The SuperMicro X6DA8-G2 board uses the new Intel "Tumwater" E7525 chipset which supports the new DDR-2 and PCI Express standards. DDR-2 memory in theory offers twice the memory bandwidth over a traditional DDR solution and PCI Express has similar advantages over AGP. (See this article). This particular machine comes with 2GB of DDR-2 memory (Samsung, CAS4) and two 3.4GHz "Nocona" Xeons.

The machine is not particuarly pretty, but it's what's on the inside that counts :)

The motherboard in this system has two PCI Express slots - 16x and 4x. Although this will work with nVidias SLI system, performance will not be optimal. The current systems nVidia are testing use a 16x and 8x, and the nForce 4 will support two 16x slots.

Here you can see the two Xeons, PCI Express slots and 8 memory slots.

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