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Duron (Spitfire) vs. PIII (Coppermine)
Written by Dr. Surlyjoe (28/Feb/01)
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Once I got the rig upgraded to socket A and was running benchmarks on a fresh Duron 800,  I was impressed at how zippy it was. I couldn't help thinking it was faster than my P3-700@933, but figured it was just because it was a fresh install and didn't have all the extra hardware in it that my main rig has. After playing AHL on it for a few days, I was even more convinced. I had to know the truth! I had seen a lot of PIII v Tbird and Duron V Tbird comparisons but never a Duron V PIII. I took it upon myself to take up this task!

These two machines used are pretty much twins, considering one is socket 370 and the other socket A, I have upgraded each several times and it is just a coincidence that they are identical with the exception of the video card, which I swapped out for the tests.

OK, here's what we got!
AMD Duron 800@933 (7x133mhz, 1.75v)
Intel PIII 700@933 (7x133mhz, 1.75v)
Iwill KK266 (Via  KT133a chipset)
Iwill VD133gold (Via Apollo pro 133a chipset)
128mb Micron PC133  C-75 sdram
128mb Micron PC133  C-75 sdram
Nvidia Geforce2 MX 32mb
Nvidia Geforce2 MX 32mb
Maxtor 15g 7200rpm ata/66 hdd.
Maxtor 15g 7200rpm ata/66 hdd.
Water cooled CPU and video
Water cooled CPU and video

I was running the onboard sound on both machines, but since the KK266 has a C-media 4.1 chip onboard and the VD133gold uses the Via AC-97, I disabled them. I also disabled the CD drives and floppies, since the test rig didn't have any installed, and pulled out my vid cap card. Then I set both bios' to the same settings (this was easy as they were almost identical) and ran the video at the default speed.

They were as close as they were gonna get.

Operating system (both)
Windows ME
Via 4in1 4.28av
Nvidia detonator 7.17
DirectX 8
SiSoft  sandra 2001 Pro
Mad Onion 3DMark 2000

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