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Silverstone LC02
Written by Spode (09/May/04)
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Every time we get a new Silverstone product in, we at Spode's Abode get quite excited because their products conform to such a high standard. When visiting their booth at CeBit, it was obvious to me that all their products are designed through and through to be nothing but the best. The SST-LC02 is just more proof of this..

Starting from the outside, you can see that the LC02 is designed for use in a media center environment and would not feel out of place stacked on top of a VCR or DVD player.

The feet are Aluminium and help the case feel more like a part of your living room, rather than a computer. The button is quite possibly one of the nicest I have used in a while, having a positive "click" when pushed. It feels very similar to the physical switches that were used in older AT system. Not only does it feel nice, but it also looks nice, with it's polished aluminium finish. The two activity lights (for hard drive and power) are a high-powered blue LED's matching the subtle "SilverStone" logo on the bottom left of the case.

Hidden away on the left hand side of the case are two USB ports, microphone, audio out and firewire. The pin outs for these connections were all standard and could be plugged striaght into our motherboard. All except for the firewire which was in essence a firewire extension lead. This was disappointing as our motherboard had a firewire header, but no firewire port to plug the lead into.

You may also notice in the above picture, one of the 3 well positioned vents. There is one on the left hand panel, one on the right hand panel, and then one positioned directly above the CPU, where providing you haven't been stacking your magazines on top, your CPU fan can suck fresh air straight in.

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