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Silverstone ST30NF 300W Silent Power Supply
Written by Peter Barnard (24/June/04)
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Supplied By: Silverstone

Over the last few years, reducing computer noise has become a high priority for many computer enthusiasts. An entire industry has sprung up to meet these needs. We have seen power supplies getting increasingly quieter, and quiet coolers becoming cheaper and easily available. Silverstone have now brought us the ultimate in quiet power supplies. You can't get quieter than silence. The ST30NF has no fans at all, and relies on its chunky aluminium casing to dissipate what little heat it produces.


- Total maximum load 300 W
- Maximum load on 5 and 3.3 v lines 180 W

The ST30NF comes with a full complement of connectors, on the long leads you would expect of any high end power supply, with neat black braiding on the ATX leads.

- 1x 20 pin ATX power connector
- 1x 4 pin ATX supplemental 12v power connector
- 1x 6 pin ATX supplemental power connector
- 2x SATA power connectors
- 6x 4 pin large HDD connectors
- 2x 4 pin small FDD power connectors

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