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Sunbeam Modding Accessories: Part 2
Written by Allan Nielsen (25/Apr/05)
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Supplied By: Sunbeam

Untitled Document This is part two of the Sunbeam modding accessories review. Continuing from part one, we take a look at some more products that Sunbeam have to offer and hopefully give some inspiration for any modding projects you have in mind.

Light Bus

The Sunbeam Light Bus is rather versatile, as it can control various devices such as fans, cold cathodes and LEDs. Sunbeam claims that a total of 627 effects are possible with the Light Bus. Since we do not consider OFF to be an 'effect' in itself, this number is actually 258 - which still isn't bad.

The Light Bus is mounted in a free 5.25" bay. The front finish is an acceptable standard, with brushed aluminum covered by a clear acrylic plate, which will complement the style of many silver cases. The only drawback here are the flimsy and wriggly buttons that give the impression of a cheap product.

On the front there are controls for four different channels, plus a sound control knob and two buttons. Each channel has a knob for voltage control, meaning you can adjust fan speed or light intensity easily. Each of the channel knobs are surrounded by four buttons. These are: HDD, ON, SOUND and ST. ON is pretty much self-explanatory, although it also toggles off of course. HDD will make the lights flash along with hard drive activity, and ST will make the lights fade in and out continually. The SOUND button makes the lights respond to the sound signals from your sound card if connected properly. The extra knob seen to the far right adjusts the sound sensitivity. The two buttons above this knob are programmed to different rotation effects between the four channels.

Connecting fans or lights on the back is a snap. Each channel has a single 3-pin connector, and there are connectors for audio and hdd indication. Simply plug in the devices you want to add; connect a standard molex for power supply and you are all set.

The Light Bus is a nice, stylish solution overall. There are better quality alternatives available, but often these are found in a higher price segment.

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