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Zboard Gaming Keyboard
Written by Alex Wheeler (15/Nov/04)
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Supplied By: Ideazon

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The ZBoard is a keyboard with a difference. The QWERTY design that almost all keyboards are based on today, stems back from the days of the typewriter where efficiently typing in large amounts of text was the main priority. With the PC now being a prominent gaming platform, it makes sense that the design of the keyboard is given a rethink. Zboard think they have the solution, with their "ultimate gaming keyboard".

The Zboard works in a modular way, so the actual keyset can be snapped in and out of the base. Provided with the standard Zboard is a QWERTY layout and the gaming layout as seen above.

The included software picks up on which keyset is installed and adjusts the software accordingly to what game you are playing.

The gaming layout replaces the standard WASD keys with more shapely alternatives, with easy access to weapons and often used keys. There is also a "pad lock", which allows you to turn the number pad into a shortcut box, and a "bar lock" which turns the whole keyboard into a shortcut keyboard. With this, you could use the Zboard as an addition to a standard keyboard.

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