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ZipLinq Retractable USB Phone Charger
Written by Spode (12/May/04)
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Supplied By: ZipLinq

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This is quite possibly the simplest product we have ever reviewed here at Spode's Abode, but as we all know, simple ideas tend to go far. ZipLinq offer a wide variety of retractable USB, network and power cables. Anything that has a piece of cable that can sometimes end up in clutter - ZipLinq has probably created a solution for it.

So, we were sent their USB phone charger. This kit is essentially their retractable USB cable, coupled with attachments for varying mobile phone brands (wireless phones if you are American).

This is the main component of the kit, which is the retractable USB cable.

This is the cable extended at it's full length of 30".

To extend the cable, you have to pull from both ends. If you don't, it causes problems, but it is not difficult to recover from. When you are pulling, you can stop at any point, giving you as little or as much cable as you need. Judging from the size of the wire, it isn't going to take a huge amount of current, but USB can't deliver that much power anyway.

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