Andrew Spode Alexander Miller

Wondering where Spode's Abode has disappeared to? I was moving servers and decided it was time to end that part of my life. I haven't updated it in a long time and much of the content was very old. I felt, having departed from technology journalism, these no longer served a purpose and neither did the site. If there is something you still want for reference - let me know and I'll sort it out. (see below)

Until I decide what to put back on here, this 5 minute holding page with links to where to find me on social media will have to do: Twitter, GitHub, Facebook, LinkedIn. You can call me on +447886 588941 or e-mail me on

The pretty looking animation in the background is something I wrote when I couldn't sleep and I like the effect. The code isn't brilliant, but if you want it - go nuts, it's in the source.

For an idea of what I'm doing now, check out ThinkBikes and ThinkWall as part of justFDI

Requested Items


A couple of people asked if they can still buy my USB/USB t-shirt. Yes, you can - it's on


The last thing I was expecting a request for, was the benchmark suite I wrote for Custom PC in 2007. Apparently people still use it. If someone wants the source code for it - get in touch. Otherwise, here is the documentation and here is the download.